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Highlands Library Catalog

Reading e-books from our school library catalog

Online Resources including Encyclopedias

How to get a pass to come to the library.

Overdue Books

How do I know if my library book is overdue?

Every student has the ability to log into the library catalog and check the status of checked out books and books on hold.

Log in (using the same user ID and Password used for school computers) to the library catalog.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure you are in the Highlands Catalog.  You should see a picture of our library in the upper left hand corner. The log in link is in the upper right side of your screen.

Click the "My Info" tab to check the status of your book!

Please see Ms. Ciofolo as soon as possible if you think a mistake has been made or if you lost your book.

What Ms. Ciofolo is reading

The Mission of the Highlands LIbrary

The mission of the White Plains Middle School Library is to assist students in their quest for accurate information for all their education needs and interests.

The library seeks to promote a love of reading and knowledge in a safe and nurturing environment.